She tore her heart and poured out what she felt,

I saw no reason to hide any of my guilt,

It was a do or die for her and she couldn’t hold back,

For her heightened emotions had brimmed and her world had grown dark,

A streak of light being the one and only thing,

Which faded each time she did nothing,

Shyness had took away the little courage left in her,

My eagerness to hear what she had to utter ,

Was now beginning to make the void within me greater,

Never before had she made such an impression,

That was now making me trigger suspicion,

Life with her had always been worth every moment,

Without a single frown at any of my comment,

I could now feel her heart throbbing with anxiety,

Followed by her lips trembling with tranquility,

Taking a deep breathe as she opened her mouth,

I caught my breathe and leaned towards her,

Unfortunately, she couldn’t utter a word,

Raising my head in astonishment to glance at her,

I felt her soft trembling lips meet mine,

Hadn’t she said it all in what was more than a statement?