…About the Sunset”

I don’t know how many of you love sunsets, but for me, sunsets create a feeling in me that can change my moods in the split of a second. So if you’re smart enough, by now you should have figured out the best way to charm me.
So today I’ going to take you through a couple of sunset photos and you are going to judge for yourself whether its true that sunsets can make you just blossom at a glance.

I could go on and on with the photos but by now you have got the feeling of it all if not part of it. However, I had saved this Photo below for the best of the last.

Please share this to those you love and cherish. You can be the one to put a smile on their faces today. Your comments be my Inspiration. Adios!


Are there Good Guys??

Finally, August is here. My long holiday is almost coming to an end. I feel like I could rewind time, but as we all know, life has to continue anyway. However, I have learnt a few things here and there to help with this journey.

This week has been an awesome one. I can’t complain. As the night fades away, I can only wish upon tomorrow. We had the Full Moon this week on Tuesday. 28 more days till the next one.

So I kept asking myself what I would write about this week and my mind kept reading ‘Syntax Error’ as I tried to access my resourceful mind. I wanted to come up with a poem but I felt that some inspirational story or criticism would do. This is what I had in mind.

Are there good guys??

Is a question being asked by almost every heart-broken chick or those yet to fall in love. Well, that’s a question that can raise a debate where most guys will claim they are the good guys while most chicks will end up saying that good guys don’t exist. I would leave it open fro you to decide. Write your comments and tell me what you think. I will sum up all your comments and come up with the appropriate response towards that question.

So keep those comments coming. If you’re not sure, you can just ay that you are neutral on this one.

Is Miguna telling the Truth?

I finding it hard keeping a journal, but once in a while, I write the happenings in my life when I see some beauty in it. So this week started on a high. The kind of feeling you get when you finally gather enough courage to talk to a crush. How did I end up having all these three charmed ones in a span of an unexpexted moment? Let’s just say that I grasp at every opportunity that comes by.

In other news, after Miguna Miguna (a former chief adviser of Kenya’s Prime Minister who got sacked and later emerged with a book portraying the Prime Minister as a scandalous leader who can’t be trusted to hold the President’s Office come the next general election) launched his long said book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’, it has turn out to be the trending topic on social sites. The citizens’ reaction towards this topic has heated up as many seek to know the truth. As we all know, there are always three sides of a story, side A, side B and the Truth. I haven’t dug up to come up with enough information to be able to say that the allegations made by the author, Miguna Miguna, are true. Neither am I in a position to say that its all a bunch of lies with the motive of revenge.

However, the scenario calls for criticism. Questions are being raised and Miguna Miguna better be ready with answers when he sets foot on Kenyan soil. Apparently he flew to Canada with his family shortly after the launch of his book. Though many said that he was seeking refuge, he over ruled their judgement and said that he will be back the following month.

Miguna Miguna at the launch of his book “Peeling Back The Mask” in Nairobi.

With the police on his tail and the nation on his neck, then there would be one way for him to get through all this. This is telling the TRUTH. If you happen to be reading this Miguna Miguna, all I can say is that you already know what to do. Just let the people who are in the book who feel that the picture of them you drew in the book wasn’t true, be the first to throw a stone. If you are true to your words:

“Come Baby Come”

Don’t try to seize the truth.


By AnonymousDisguise.

The Power Within

Above every cloud of misery,

there are sun rays of happiness waiting to shine upon you

The least amount of faith one has,

could bring great hope to those who believe it’s true

Basic instincts create anxiety,

entangled in meaningless worries of  the future

Counterfeit articles of Love tips exist,

haphazardly, now more hearts have a puncture

Just like food so is Love,

every relationship has its recipe

No matter the number of visits you pay to a counselor,

you are the one to blow the whistle as the referee

Inner confidence is a master key,

which should never be mistaken to be over confidence

With it you could simply unlock,

that which you desire with minimal resistance

Honesty is challenging as you know,

so tread softly with utmost prudence as you keep watch

For if every failure was a stepping stone to success,

the greatest failures would  be the most successful match

Above all take heed of old-aged peoples’ word,

but take time to analyze them so as not to fall prey of lies

Truly, wisdom does not come by old age,

rather, its offered as a gift from our creator.


By AnonymousDisguise.








The Good Things

As I gazed into empty space pondering about you,
Amidst all things, came the good memories,
All created between the time I said ‘Hi’ till now
Against all odds, there were the good times,
Yes, unbelievably good moments they were indeed,
At first, doubts engulfed our innermost feelings
And the deepest part of our hearts
But it could not put to an end what was burning inside us,
A good risk it was, for none of us was certain of the future,
We trusted each other with our lives,
Yet, how the trust was earned is still a mystery
Could we have ever met before?
For trust takes time to be earned,
Abeit, I guess we were both worth for each other
And ever, since my heart has been beating differently
Just a few years with you, and it feels like we have been together,
Not for the time we have spent, but since I bade farewell to my mother’s womb
Another moment with you, is my everytime desire,
Simply coz at such times, tomorrow seems far,
How long was it before I met you?
Surely, the good things come to those who wait and You are a testimony.

…”An Encounter”…on Friday, the 13th…

So I was out of the house today by 6.00am. The weather was not the ‘rise and shine’ one. Got to town and decided to have some coffee to chase away the cold. Still in my hood, I could feel the cold penetrate through my fingers. In this case, I would normally buy gloves, but I didn’t have enough cash on me. Or should I say, my budget was tight at the moment. Clearly my agenda for the day was to make a stop at The University of Nairobi and the French Cultural Centre commonly known as ‘Alliance Française’.
My eagerness to join campus has not yet sparkled. I’m not in a hurry. Seriously, given a choice between books and something else that will lead to success, there’s no way I will choose the books. However, my ambitions for going down to South Africa and studying aviation are still en route. University is therefore, serving as a backup plan. My playlist in that chilly morning was fully Acapella. Yuh, I mean, I would not be jamming to Tiesto Club Mixx with that weather on such a morning.
After the coffee, I decide to walk to University of Nairobi through Koinange street as I carefully calculated my plan for crossing the university way. Alas! There is a Pedestrian Crossing. Whoever came up with the idea, hats off. That area could really use the help of one(if you have been there, you probably know why). The security check at the administration block just exposed ‘the spoilt’ kid I am. I just kept going back and forth. First my keys, then my first phone, then my second phone, then my ipod till Mrs Officer gave up. Up at the reception, I sat as awaited for someone to attend to me. Instead, the person in charge is busy giving her testimony to some guy. Tick! Tock! Time flies and she is done. But it was just because Eva made her cut the long story short. Oh, Eva! We just met today. Apparently, she does Geo- spatial Engineering, and she just offered a hand to help me go about the shortlisting. I guess my looks gave me credit. Thank God am a hottie! You don’t want to know the rest.
Fast forward to where I get to know that I got accepted to University of Nairobi. From there, I went to my former school, Alliance Française. Finally, I got proof to show that I studied French. I can speak French. Oui, je parle français. The rest of the day is a mystery!!! Should I remind you that today was Friday, the 13th.

Bummer! Bummer!

Heh, life right now is so full of itself. With all this time for myself, still got me thinking of the after life. When all your pals be busy moiling and toiling. Twitter conversations an facebook updates be almost null and one will rarely remember school mates.

Some people will say that, at such times, a lot of things will be dictating your life. One of them being marriage. At such times, it will be a ‘tough’ time for some people. At the moment, the ratio of men to women is 1:1 in Kenya(my home country). For those who fear rejection from the fairer sex, its high time that you took the bull by the horns. All I’m saying is that its better safe than to be sorry.

People may ask me why I’m bumming at home for this 2, 3, 4 months. I admit that it seems kinda pointless, but the simple answer to them be me asking them to look at their parents(an exception to the retired or unemployed ones).

This time of bumming is an important stage in life. Thats according to my observation. You all can bare witness to this. If missed, then the outcome can be worryin if not shocking. However, I must say that you must not do things that you will live to regret.

‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’

As I wind up, I would like to leave you with this;

‘Time well wasted, is never wasted.’

I leave it up to you now. Think over it and meditate upon it. Your comments be my inspiration.