Are We Who We Say We Are??

The year has finally come to an end, with only three more days to 2013, I can’t agree more that this year’s journey has been very eventful. Some leaving spasms of joy and torrents of happiness painted on our hearts while others have left scars engraved on the same hearts. But, Do I say? We all managed to come this far. My year has been more or say similar to last year. At such of time, I was trying to restore some lost friendship. It seems like the same just happened. And more so, I’m the common denominator. I can proudly say, I did my best to see that our friendship stayed strong based on the foundation laid upon its pioneer. However, it seemed that I was the one who had been working towards tearing it down. Seriously, What happened to not giving a fuck??


I therefore decided to let it slide. It wasn’t worth carrying the misunderstandings over to a new year.

This got me wondering, do people really know themselves?? We do things that end up haunting us for the rest of our days in life. We forget that the past shall always remain in the past. Thoughts of the past only bring worry over our present lives. Its the reason that the percentage of successful people in our world is very small. This is just the people who really know who they are.

                    “Worry pulls tomorrow’s cloud over todays bright sunshine.”


Lets usher in the new year when we all know who we are and will make our lives better. Just take time to rediscover yourself.


 I wanna wish you and your family Happy Holiday Seasons And A Prosperous 2013.






Take It Or Lose It

Fortune knocks once on a man’s door. Thats true given that this weeek I found myself in such a situation. I got the chance of a lifetime and am afraid of blowing it up. Should anything happen, I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I have put my mind to it and I believe I will emerge victorious. What about you?? Should it happen to you, how well prepared are you for this lifetime doors that are just opened once, and when closed, you just have to look for another door.

Perhaps, you should take into consideration the number of times one has let great opportunities slip their hands. They had the option of holding on to it and never let go. Unfortunately, their determination was harkened by their weaknesses. Maybe it wasn’t their fault, and that someone else is to blame. Thats what we tend to tell ourselves. We should however remember that, whatever we do, solely depends on us. Influence is always there, and will not cease to exist. At the end of the day, our choices are executed by us. Rendering us accountable for ALL our actions.

Our greatest enemy being man, we have to be careful of other people’s influence on us. Unless you share the same interests with someone, there is no point walking together. This is because, the relationship between you will end up being parsitic when it should have been symbiotic.

There comes a point in life that defines us. And thats when we really get to know what kind of persons we are, and the world gets to know us.