Freshman Year; Women Lie, Men Lie

Its been a while y’all but I  must agree that I had abandoned my blog until the silence could be sniffed a mile way. Its with much pleasure I wish to announcer my come back. From now on I will be blogging regularly. I know you miss the poems and all the stories not forgetting the worthy pieces of advice.

My freshman year at University has so far been an amazing experience. Its only been 5 weeks since I joined and so far, I’m loving it. Its whole different world compared to high school you know. Here, freedom is more than freedom itself. For those who have passed this stage you know what I’m talking asbout. However, Freedom can cease to be freedom when its misused. I happen to have met an uncle of mine like a week before I reported to college and he told me that he  had only two words for me, company and women. So thats what I have kept in mind ever since then. For sure His words have provern to be true as he spoke of them. Oh, did I mention that I’m in The University Of Nairobi? Now you know.

Women lie, men lie. But who lies more?? Apparently that has  been trending in the past one week. What do you think? Is it the men or women who lie most? Perhaps  we could look at it from a different perspective like, whose lies are profound? But still, according to me. A lie is a lie just like sin is is sin. And just to mention, women think they lie to protect men or for the interest of protecting their circles. Remember, one lie leads to another. If you choose that path, turning back is almost next to impossible but not impossible. Its the reason why Honesty can be so challenging.

As you ponder upon my feeling about lies, feel free to comment and share. Till next time, Adios!





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