To What End??

Well, well, what has become of our nation, our home, our country, Kenya? This has been occupying my mind this whole month. I just couldn’t end this month without mentioning a word. Their has been alot, but the most touching event of all has been the ongoing strikes. First it started with the teachers serving public schools, then the lecturers serving public universities and finally the doctors serving public universities.
The effects have been adverse. This is because of interrupted education and absence of proper health care services for the common ‘mwananchi’ whose dependent on government public services. Its remorseful because, the majority of Kenyans fall below the luxurious drawn line distinguishing the wealthy lot of citizens from the rest. Its a pity that government officials addressing such matters end up adding insult to injury the times they open their mouths address the media.
Its now been three weeks with nothing going down at schools. Most of them have been deserted and left to speak of unbearable silence. The change we want will not come by the threats being issued at the table of discussion. There needs to be atleast that one person that can stand and be counted as a voice of reason, but it seems like we lack such men and women in our current government. Apparently, I can generally say that there’s no parliamentarians who falls below the line drawn between the rich and the rest. They aren’t feeling the pinch since most of them if not all, have their children in private institutions and even others have some of their children abroad on further studies. Truly, only the shoe wearer can tell of how the pinch feels.
However, its only in a few months time that we will get to choose new leaders. Its my hope and prayer that we shouldn’t allow any ‘douche bags’ back into the government. It firsts start with electing good leaders then the rest will follow.
Though, amicable solutions are now trying to be put in place, I believe, they should have been done long before the strikes stretched to 3 weeks in a row. This is how I feel, and how most of all those with a heart of flesh feel.
Please share this with all your friends. Your comments be my inspiration.

PS: This article was highly influenced by a close friend, Lavender Merab. She is one of us, who feel this ongoing strikes should now come to an end.



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