…About the Sunset”

I don’t know how many of you love sunsets, but for me, sunsets create a feeling in me that can change my moods in the split of a second. So if you’re smart enough, by now you should have figured out the best way to charm me.
So today I’ going to take you through a couple of sunset photos and you are going to judge for yourself whether its true that sunsets can make you just blossom at a glance.

I could go on and on with the photos but by now you have got the feeling of it all if not part of it. However, I had saved this Photo below for the best of the last.

Please share this to those you love and cherish. You can be the one to put a smile on their faces today. Your comments be my Inspiration. Adios!


Are there Good Guys??

Finally, August is here. My long holiday is almost coming to an end. I feel like I could rewind time, but as we all know, life has to continue anyway. However, I have learnt a few things here and there to help with this journey.

This week has been an awesome one. I can’t complain. As the night fades away, I can only wish upon tomorrow. We had the Full Moon this week on Tuesday. 28 more days till the next one.

So I kept asking myself what I would write about this week and my mind kept reading ‘Syntax Error’ as I tried to access my resourceful mind. I wanted to come up with a poem but I felt that some inspirational story or criticism would do. This is what I had in mind.

Are there good guys??

Is a question being asked by almost every heart-broken chick or those yet to fall in love. Well, that’s a question that can raise a debate where most guys will claim they are the good guys while most chicks will end up saying that good guys don’t exist. I would leave it open fro you to decide. Write your comments and tell me what you think. I will sum up all your comments and come up with the appropriate response towards that question.

So keep those comments coming. If you’re not sure, you can just ay that you are neutral on this one.