Is Miguna telling the Truth?

I finding it hard keeping a journal, but once in a while, I write the happenings in my life when I see some beauty in it. So this week started on a high. The kind of feeling you get when you finally gather enough courage to talk to a crush. How did I end up having all these three charmed ones in a span of an unexpexted moment? Let’s just say that I grasp at every opportunity that comes by.

In other news, after Miguna Miguna (a former chief adviser of Kenya’s Prime Minister who got sacked and later emerged with a book portraying the Prime Minister as a scandalous leader who can’t be trusted to hold the President’s Office come the next general election) launched his long said book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’, it has turn out to be the trending topic on social sites. The citizens’ reaction towards this topic has heated up as many seek to know the truth. As we all know, there are always three sides of a story, side A, side B and the Truth. I haven’t dug up to come up with enough information to be able to say that the allegations made by the author, Miguna Miguna, are true. Neither am I in a position to say that its all a bunch of lies with the motive of revenge.

However, the scenario calls for criticism. Questions are being raised and Miguna Miguna better be ready with answers when he sets foot on Kenyan soil. Apparently he flew to Canada with his family shortly after the launch of his book. Though many said that he was seeking refuge, he over ruled their judgement and said that he will be back the following month.

Miguna Miguna at the launch of his book “Peeling Back The Mask” in Nairobi.

With the police on his tail and the nation on his neck, then there would be one way for him to get through all this. This is telling the TRUTH. If you happen to be reading this Miguna Miguna, all I can say is that you already know what to do. Just let the people who are in the book who feel that the picture of them you drew in the book wasn’t true, be the first to throw a stone. If you are true to your words:

“Come Baby Come”

Don’t try to seize the truth.


By AnonymousDisguise.


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