The Power Within

Above every cloud of misery,

there are sun rays of happiness waiting to shine upon you

The least amount of faith one has,

could bring great hope to those who believe it’s true

Basic instincts create anxiety,

entangled in meaningless worries of  the future

Counterfeit articles of Love tips exist,

haphazardly, now more hearts have a puncture

Just like food so is Love,

every relationship has its recipe

No matter the number of visits you pay to a counselor,

you are the one to blow the whistle as the referee

Inner confidence is a master key,

which should never be mistaken to be over confidence

With it you could simply unlock,

that which you desire with minimal resistance

Honesty is challenging as you know,

so tread softly with utmost prudence as you keep watch

For if every failure was a stepping stone to success,

the greatest failures would  be the most successful match

Above all take heed of old-aged peoples’ word,

but take time to analyze them so as not to fall prey of lies

Truly, wisdom does not come by old age,

rather, its offered as a gift from our creator.


By AnonymousDisguise.









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