The Good Things

As I gazed into empty space pondering about you,
Amidst all things, came the good memories,
All created between the time I said ‘Hi’ till now
Against all odds, there were the good times,
Yes, unbelievably good moments they were indeed,
At first, doubts engulfed our innermost feelings
And the deepest part of our hearts
But it could not put to an end what was burning inside us,
A good risk it was, for none of us was certain of the future,
We trusted each other with our lives,
Yet, how the trust was earned is still a mystery
Could we have ever met before?
For trust takes time to be earned,
Abeit, I guess we were both worth for each other
And ever, since my heart has been beating differently
Just a few years with you, and it feels like we have been together,
Not for the time we have spent, but since I bade farewell to my mother’s womb
Another moment with you, is my everytime desire,
Simply coz at such times, tomorrow seems far,
How long was it before I met you?
Surely, the good things come to those who wait and You are a testimony.


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