…”An Encounter”…on Friday, the 13th…

So I was out of the house today by 6.00am. The weather was not the ‘rise and shine’ one. Got to town and decided to have some coffee to chase away the cold. Still in my hood, I could feel the cold penetrate through my fingers. In this case, I would normally buy gloves, but I didn’t have enough cash on me. Or should I say, my budget was tight at the moment. Clearly my agenda for the day was to make a stop at The University of Nairobi and the French Cultural Centre commonly known as ‘Alliance Française’.
My eagerness to join campus has not yet sparkled. I’m not in a hurry. Seriously, given a choice between books and something else that will lead to success, there’s no way I will choose the books. However, my ambitions for going down to South Africa and studying aviation are still en route. University is therefore, serving as a backup plan. My playlist in that chilly morning was fully Acapella. Yuh, I mean, I would not be jamming to Tiesto Club Mixx with that weather on such a morning.
After the coffee, I decide to walk to University of Nairobi through Koinange street as I carefully calculated my plan for crossing the university way. Alas! There is a Pedestrian Crossing. Whoever came up with the idea, hats off. That area could really use the help of one(if you have been there, you probably know why). The security check at the administration block just exposed ‘the spoilt’ kid I am. I just kept going back and forth. First my keys, then my first phone, then my second phone, then my ipod till Mrs Officer gave up. Up at the reception, I sat as awaited for someone to attend to me. Instead, the person in charge is busy giving her testimony to some guy. Tick! Tock! Time flies and she is done. But it was just because Eva made her cut the long story short. Oh, Eva! We just met today. Apparently, she does Geo- spatial Engineering, and she just offered a hand to help me go about the shortlisting. I guess my looks gave me credit. Thank God am a hottie! You don’t want to know the rest.
Fast forward to where I get to know that I got accepted to University of Nairobi. From there, I went to my former school, Alliance Française. Finally, I got proof to show that I studied French. I can speak French. Oui, je parle français. The rest of the day is a mystery!!! Should I remind you that today was Friday, the 13th.


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