What a Teenager

I woke up today and realised that God had done it again. He has been doing this for the past 17 years of my life. And I have learnt to start my day with Him and end with Him. You should also learn to do the same.
As a teenager, I still know that there is more to life than just what I have been living for the past years that I have been in this world. Nothing can be compared to God’s love. At least I know. Not even those that claim to love you can really fulfill their promises.

‘Promises are like babies. They are made easily yet so hard to deliver.’

I have found it fit to live by the day. I’m never worried of tomorrow for it shall take care of itself. However, I still wouldn’t share in Drake’s motto Y.O.L.O to justify my mistakes or rather my irresponsible behaviour as many do. We tend to deny what is termed as TRUTH as naked as it seems. We pamper ourselves with half-truths and come up with white lies. If you ask the old, they would tell you, that whatever they did as teens, is still as fresh as the leaf of the tree growing besides a stream.
Sometimes I just want to live the moment but I remember that its better to live both the moment and the future. Something most people in relationships hope for.
And with Camp Mulla being nominated to BET Awards 2012, it got many teens thinking when is their successful moment dawning on them. Here is something that got me chilled out;

‘Don’t be jealous of other people’s success, their today is your tomorrow’

This is part 1 of my perspective of being a teenager. If you read this, please feel free to share it to any teenager. Please like, tweet and share. If I’m not asking much, please leave a comment, and follow my blog for upcoming posts.

‘Encouragement is a word or two, but the change it brings is enormous’



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