Sudan Revolts

“An oppressed people
are authorised
whenever they can,
to rise and break
their fetters ” ~Henry
I will make this very
simple. Please read on.
If you have been on
twitter recently or
FaceBook, there’s a (not
so) popular hashtag
#SudanRevolts that’s
been going round. After
23years of oppression
and Human rights
violation, the people of
Sudan have decided to
stand up against the
dictatorial Regime of
President Omar El Bashir
that’s committed mass
atrocities. In the past
three weeks there have
been protests in the
country. Friday the 30th
of June 2012 saw a
great number of
women, men, students
among others take the
streets of Sudan
chanting “Al Shaab Yurid
Inzgat Al Nuzam”,
roughly translated as
“the people want the
fall of the regime”.
Protesters, activists
and journalists were
arrested (over 1000)
and the police were
This is not a new thing
when a revolution is
taking place, but this is:
“One of my web board
friends called me on
Sunday and informed
me that his son was
being held at one of the
police stations in Bahri
after being arrested at
last Friday’s protests. I
dropped everything and
went with him. I was
powerless, yet
compelled to go help get
him out and try to
figure out a solution to
the mess he was in.
The officer in charge
informed us that he,
along with the other
detainees, would be
transported shortly to a
Public Order court in
Bahri, near the national
cinema. So we headed
there, as did a large
number of family
members of other
detainees. We waited
for a while until a truck
arrived carrying around
120 people, all in their
twenties. Inside the
courthouse, 4 judges
were awaiting them.
We noticed a little boy
get off the truck – he
looked to be about 11
years old; he was
crying, and stumbling as
he walked. At first, we
assumed him to be ill.
A man asked him:
“What’s wrong with
you, boy?”
“The police arrested
me for no reason”
“What do you mean
they arrested you
for no reason?
Weren’t you at the
“I was on my way
from AlDuroshab on
my way to my
grandmother’s house
in Hillat Hamad when
they arrested me”
“Why are you
stumbling around
like that? Are you
“I’m hungry, i
haven’t had anything
to eat since Friday”
“They didn’t give you
“Who from your
family is here
“No one. My parents
think I’m in Hillat
Hamad, and my
grandmother didn’t
know i was coming,
so they weren’t
expecting me.”
My friend ran and got
him a sandwich from a
nearby shop. The man
who was asking him
the questions decided
to post bail for him and,
despite the judge’s
persistence, took him
home to his family. The
boy’s name is Hussam,
from alDoroshab, and
was born in 2001.”
Information retrieved
from here. I’m sure you
all agree that this is
completely outrageous.
Now although given the
facts, it is difficult for
media to cover the
#SudanRevolts from
the grounds, the people
in Sudan have been
putting up youtube
videos and tweeting
updates but it has not
gotten enough media
attention. I believe
media attention is what
my people need to be
able to take back their
country from this
bloody regime! This is
what I am asking you
to do, simply tweet all
the media houses that
you can think of(small
or big), the hashtag
“#SudanRevolts” or
post “Twitter:
#SudanRevolts” on their
Facebook walls or any
other sites to raise
awareness on the
Sudan Revolts. By doing,
this you will be
empowering the
protesters in Sudan as
they will get
international attention
and help bring to light
what they are currently
enduring, and hopefully
through that, they will
be successful in
overthrowing the
regime. On friday they
are planning a mass
protest and your
tweet/share could help
their cause succeed.
Thank you to every
single one of you who
will do this and kindly
share this post(spam
pages, spam inboxes – I
hate it too but
desperate times call for
desperate measures) or
simply copy paste the
above on your blog,
Facebook note,
websites, send
messages, emails and
anything else you can
think of. While the
media is busy covering
Tom Cruise’s divorce, a
whole nation is being
oppressed(no offence I
love Tom cruise, but
this is more urgent), so
let us change that.
Thank you once again.


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