Who never wants to belong somewhere, coz when we feel like all hope is gone, we need someone who cares

Fear of being alone can bring discomfort, gripping the heart with much effort

Sleepless nights’ come along, as thoughts of being departed consume your mind

Our souls stay under siege of deep songs, trending in many bands and solos

Its the only time when not only headaches can be annoying, but also heartaches can be draining

Your circle of friends creates some feeling, but you wonder if it can be defined

What really binds people?, can be the question, hinting strongly unconfined

And certainly comes perception, for what we see is never necessarily what dictates the occasion

Perhaps unexpected love is the gap between two people, to who it never occurred that their fairy tale would last as a symbol

Wander far not, for what completes you, is right beside you
Fear not, for the person that encourages you is right there too

Instincts built on hope, bear fruit of uncultivated feelings,
Step up and be ready to gallop, to healthy relationships ascertained by great things

If you have been trying hard to make human beings take you in, why not try something new

Learn to let them go, if they come back, they certainly belong to you.


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