Stateless Mind

Clear minds speak of truth, but clear hearts embrace love
For the ones we adore, it can never be enough
Awesome people last forever, yet forever is the time between hello and goodbye
Faded memories can be rekindled, sometimes by a drive-by
Oblivious thoughts engulf us, as speculations haunt harmless individuals
Bought trust never equals that earned, beware of unjustified proposals
Awakened feelings torment the heart, soaring flames of either hatred or burning love
‘Loyal friends’ come your way, yet how many write your wrongs on the sand?,
To be washed away by the wave of the sea, wiping away that written by the hand
By satisfaction of what we have comes true happiness, But many are the times our desires outgrow our prudence
Life presents limitless choices, yet only one makes a decision
At times of troublesome trials, there comes great confusion
Only the stronger concede perseverance,
And the strongest emerge victorious,
Sometimes the light at the end of a tunnel can be that of an oncoming train,
We therefore must be ready for anything,
Listen to the still and gentle voice inside you, as you meditate upon life teachings
‘Ignore not words’, my friend Jorum professes
True words they are, and I must confess
Having a concious of your own, is a pillar,
You ought to have, not as a master, but a teacher.


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