Undying Love

You walked away too soon,
Now my nights are spent with the moon,
I know I should have made you stay,
Yet I wasn’t selfish and gave you away,
Coming to think of my decision,
For sure, I was drowned in confusion,
My seedless mind was clear,
But my heart was for the idea,
That you were good for me,
And life with you would not be stormy,
You are gone now,
All I’m left with is memories,
And to others, they are just stories,
Ever since we fell apart,
I still haven’t found the pieces of my heart,
Maybe coz I believe you still own them,
As souvenirs for our extinguished flame,
Which no longer burns with roars,
As it did when there was still ‘US’,
Emptiness in my soul is now filled by Jesus,
Yet that in my heart is still mysterious,
Ignoring you is what am doing wrong,
So instead of writing you a song,
That says what’s taking me too long,
I wish to face you like two-prongs,
For the undying fear I had,
Grew everyday to drive me sad,
Writing this too is time consuming,
Knowing I should be on my way coming,
To say that we can do it all over again,
Only that this time, I won’t inflict on you pain,
After penning down, I’m taking the next train,
Not coz I’m insane,
But because I’m using my brain.


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