What It Seems Like

What one thinks is may not be what it really is. It’s the reason I woke up this morning thinking beyond the unspeakable thought ‘What If’. Such are the times I ponder deep into my mind and try to come up with an invention. Probably one that Einstein was not close to discover(I happen to be mentioning Einstein because he had even come up with the discovery of a plane even before the Wright Brothers, only that he never lived long enough to bring it into action). However hard I try, it just seems like chasing the wind. Yet am not in despair, I am sure mother nature has devised a plan for me. The perfect timing is has not yet reached.

We all have an ambition of being that one person whose spirit lives on even after we depart this world of troubles and trials. The reputation left for the world(especially the coming generation) to be used as a mirror to reflect on their lives and try to outdo records that you could have set seems to be like every human being’s mind-set goal. But should I say that the Reality of all this is seemingly dawning on us day-in-day-out. The natural calamities reported daily, proves just how much we are unable to take care of ourselves. By this I mean, it seems like we still have a lot to unravel.

How will we do this when all the extra time is spent on social networks. We are keen to find out whats trending in this sites. which is consuming all our thinking energy apparently. Then we will always blame our mistakes on the only resource that is equal to every one whether rich or poor, young or old. To you who is up to task to have their spirits trail the face of the earth once we have departed, it seems like we know what just to do with time. If you are to compare people, just compare their timing. And just to let you know,
“If everyone today was given the same amount of money, it will not be long before the rich went back to be rich, and the poverty-stricken lot still retain their position”

That will happen just because of simple reason:
“What it seems like”


PS: The pictures above there seem like  real, but it’s actually a picture drawn om the floor and some body is squarting next to it. It seemed like a big coke bottle, but that was just not it.


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