By-Gones Will be By-Gones

I am outrageously thinking of what a happy ending it could have been, but I gues its just life and all it has to offer. Things hoped for aren’t the ones that we always get. Perhaps, I may be wrong. But, since its what seems to go by the day, every human creature for that matter gets through this.
Sometimes I tend to wonder if the word ‘perfect-timing’ really exist. Leave that alone, coz Einstein never came up with the idea of a time machine. I’m sure that there would have been the perfect timing.
I definately agree that if someone could actually take a second back, then the world would be a boring place to live in. And the word ‘reality’ would make no more sense. Changes would be in a position to be undone by the procrastinators of change, and so will ever be stuck in a dilemma. However, to those who ever regret their doing, shall be able to get over them and become part of a life that calls for uncertainty of events.
For a reason, I may have given my heart away to ladies who thought that they found their Prince charming, but with them, only one could atleast try and make a fairy tale. But because of time and events, she is not promising a happy ending. I gave her space, to decide what she wants. The big SECRET however lies with me. If she drops me as an option, she can never have me back simply because ‘I never look back’ for By-Gones will be By-Gones.


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